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Teeth Whitening

An increasingly popular demand by people of all ages and gender.

Young men and women love to have beautiful white teeth, and it is amazing what tooth whitening does. As we grow older the tooth enamel absorb stains from tea, coffee, red wine and cigarette smoking. No amount of tooth brushing and polishing will remove these stains. It was necessary to develop techniques that brighten teeth better, and we all are living in the age of beauty consciousness!

With the latest techniques in tooth whitening, we offer the “Zoom” in Surgery whitening, which gives wonderful results in just an hour.

This modern professional system uses equipment that shines a bright light that activates the gel applied on to the stained teeth. This produces oxygen that removes the stains. It is safe and effective. The use of Hydrogen Peroxide is made safe by thoroughly protecting the surrounding lips and gums.

It is highly recommended that tooth whitening is provided and supervised by a properly trained dental surgeon rather than kits bought over the counter or by professionals other than dentists.

We look after the whole mouth and not just the teeth. We take care about any minor sensitivity that may occasionally arise.

You can also have the “home” bleaching method, which takes a week or two of wearing over your teeth a plastic cover with bleaching gel at night. This method is also very effective.

For more information on tooth whitening and any other procedures to improve your smile, call us now for an appointment.






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