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General Dentistry

We offer a comprehensive range of dental treatment for the whole family:-

Comprehensive medical history is first taken, so that we can take care of you while providing dental treatment.

To discuss with you the problems and treatment, we may use digital photography and digital X-rays. As the second practice in the UK using cutting edge technology called IPS (Intelligent positioning system), x-rays are taken perfectly each time thus reducing unnecessary radiation.

With the help of “medivision” software programme, we can show and explain treatment options available with pictures and graphics so you know exactly what is proposed.
Where treatment is required we will schedule an appointment and give you written treatment plan and costs.

Tooth coloured fillings
Most people now prefer to have tooth coloured filling rather than the old fashioned amalgam “silver” fillings in their mouth.

The silver fillings are not only unsightly as they soon turn black, but they have mercury in them which is said to be harmful to our bodies.
Modern filling materials are strong and last a long time when done carefully. These are plastic materials which are condensed into the cavity and hardened by special light.

Ceramic Inlays
These are alternative to the tooth coloured fillings and are considerably stronger. After the cavity is prepared, an impression is taken and sent to the laboratory where a ceramic filling is constructed and is then cemented into the cavity. They restore the tooth to its original shape colour and size, and function to a better degree .

Porcelain crowns and bridges
With our modern porcelain materials and technology like the “Procera” system  Lava and E.max ceramics, our  crowns and bridges are very strong and have beautiful aesthetics for the teeth in the smile region and for back teeth. The surrounding gums remain healthy and natural looking with the state  of the art ceramic technology that does not incooperate metal.

See smile gallery section for photos of patients with such crowns.

Most people who have learnt the benefits of Dental Implants will opt for this mode of having replacement teeth, now very affordable with our interest free finance facility through Braemer finance, the leading finance company to the Dental market.

However, if you still wish to have dentures, then we work with our highly skilled laboratory technicians to provide you with the most well fitting and comfortable removable dentures.

Bear in mind that removable dentures, especially the full lower ones, which are usually not very stable in the mouth, can be greatly stabilised implants and bar or ball attachments.

Whether the dentures are replacing the front teeth, or missing back teeth, you can rest assured the service is of very high standard, with comfortable flexible acrylic or cobalt chromium metal.

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