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fastbraces-logoFastbraces is the revolutionary new appliance allowing fast, safe, easy and affordable braces that come in a clear option making them blend in with your teeth. It aligns the roots of teeth using 1 wire making them parallel and stable, thus comes with a unique world wide satisfaction guarantee. It uses a NON extraction technique, not just correcting the front teeth, but providing the most comfortable bite when both upper and lower teeth are treated together. It is for both Adults and Children and is the ideal treatment for anyone who does not want extractions of healthy teeth. The movement of the teeth uses gentle forces with less friction, and  gives excellent results in a fraction of the time. Most cases are finished in 3-12 months depending on crowding. Appointments are typically every 5 weeks and most cases are finished in 5-10 visits. It is not uncommon that mild cases can be finished in 1 visit! For more information, see the video on our home page.


Braces Before


Braces After


Six Month Smiles Before


Six Month Smiles After


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