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Children’s Dentistry

Dental disease is one of the most common health problems amongst children everywhere in the world. And it is almost entirely preventable.

Regular checkups at the dentist are an important part of a child’s healthcare routine and can prevent serious concerns later on. Our dentists have experience in treating children while providing positive experience and looking after their oral hygiene.

if any conditions are detected that need specialist care , we refer then to the hospital where further investigations and treatment can be offered.

Preventive treatments

Sealants, fluoride varnish applications and oral hygiene instructions are important to prevent caries and to avoid many problems and fears in adulthood. Oral protection for sports (mouth guards) is also considered preventive measure and most young teens are advised to wear this during contact sport.

We also treat oral habits that negatively affect proper growth of teeth such as thumb sucking habits.

Children Orthodontics

is also offered for children for suitable cases, however for severe cases, referral to the NHS hospital will be offered.

Emergency Dental Care

Toothaches with swelling and/or bleeding, as well as physical trauma to the teeth and/or face are considered dental emergencies. Any other condition or situation (e.g. minor toothache, broken or lost fillings) is not considered an emergency and requires a scheduled appointment.

For out of hours emergency please call 02084 265250 and you will be directed to an emergency out of hour mobile number.