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Dear Dr Daar

Dr Zainab, thank you so so much. Honestly I am beyond happy and excited with what you have done with my teeth, I never thought I could smile like this

Miss Faye T

Dear Dr Daar

I would like to thank you so much for the successful completion of my teeth implants. At first I had some misgivings wondering whether I should put up with loose teeth or wearing a dental plate for such a long time. But now the procedure is complete I am happy that you advised me on Implants and that I can eat merrily again.

S. Markbride

Dear Dr Daar

I would just like to express my gratitude for my new implants. I was really fed up with my dentures, sometimes I was in so much pain and I was not able to enjoy properly one of life’s pleasures… food!!! I am extremely happy that I took your advice and had the Implants done since they were a great success and I can now enjoy my food without any discomfort. I can recommend this procedure to anyone, it is not cheap but well worth it!!!


Dear Dr Daar

Thank you for your empathy and professionalism during the implant process. It is a big decision and you have been calm and understanding about it. The result is totally triumphant and there was no pain throughout. At 45, I could not have lived with a denture, and I now feel “complete” again and able to carry on smiling without feeling self-conscience or uncomfortable. You explained every aspect of it carefully and thoroughly, which was totally reassuring – even the cost – and I am truly grateful. Yours sincerely.

Emily S

I would like to thank Dr Daar for suggesting teeth implants. I am so pleased with the outcome although I was apprehensive when having my first implants, both the cost involved and the procedure which took a bit of time, I can honestly say it was well worth it. It feels just like part of my natural teeth, and I can enjoy my food so much more. I was so happy, in fact, that I have now undergone a second teeth implant procedure. This is in fact a lot simpler &quicker than the first. I would recommend it.

Kindest regards


Dear Dr Daar

Having had a tooth Implant recently, I am very grateful for your helpful advice and expertise. Its not cheap to have done of course, but when completed the results outshine any work I had to endure and worth the money. Being able to eat naturally again is wonderful. I am delighted. Thank you.
Yours sincerely

Kay Holloway

In late 2006, I was preparing for my wedding day, when a recent photo revealed I had a “gappy” smile. So on the recommendation of my dentist, I saw Dr Daar to discuss an Implant. Very soon after I had the first rod insert with the most meticulous care and professionalism. Then a short while later the second component was fitted and once this was completely settled the crown was fitted. Now I have to remind myself which tooth is actually the implant as it looks and feels like the real thing. If the situation arose again, I would not hesitate for another implant procedure with Dr Daar.

Sarah McAffrey

I have been to many dentist visits and I can honestly say this is by far the best deintist I have been to. My experience has been 1st class, my implant looks and feels great, the staff are very friendly and always make the visit a pleasure. Dr Daar put me at ease from the very 1st visit, fully explained what she would be able to do for me.

I would strongly recommend this dentist and will return myself for any work needed.

Davidson Mark

I had a very good experience at the Harrow Dental & beauty centre. The staff are very friendly, welcoming and professional.

Dr Daar is fantastic and the treatment I had (implant) was second to none. I would receommend the clinic 100% as on the whole my treatment and care was fantastic and I cannot praise them anymore.

Wendy Belgrave

I have always found Dr Daar to be friendly, knowledgeable and very understanding. For most of us a trip to the dentist can be fairly daunting, Thanks for seeing me today and for all your help with the implant

Steve Mcfee

I received two implants at two different positions. One required bone adjustment. I believe it is done very professionally and the implants and crowns are comfortable. I am very happy with the smile I have now. The care and attention I received gave me a very positive feeling about the clinic and have no hesitation to recommend it.

Francis Drossaert

I attended Dr Daar`s practice for a tooth implant following a very difficult decision to have tooth removed. I was not comfortable with a gap and I did not like the idea of dentures. I was skeptical at first due to the cost and time it would take but Dr Daar was comforting and reassuring.

I also become impatient many times because I wanted the implant as soon as possible and not wait, but Dr Daar is a true professional and did not rush the procedure and therefore explained each part of the process very carefully ensuring the everything was done correctly and when my gum tissue was ready

I appreciate the care and attention Dr Daar and her team gave to me and I would recommend the practice to anyone considering dental implants.

Devina Evanson

I was very happy with my treatment today with Dr Zainab. She did a fantastic job as she always does. I have been seeing Dr Zainab for a couple of months now and she always does a great job. She is very helpful giving me advice, and always happy to take the time to discuss what is best for you.

I would highly recommend Dr Zainab to anyone wishing to have a fantastic, helpful and friendly dentist.


It was rather daunting for me to think about having gaps closed between my teeth until I visited the clinic and had a consultation with Dr Zainab. She took the time to explain everything in great detail and I knew I was in safe hands.

She is truly a professional in her approach and meticulously performed the procedure with such care and attention to detail. I am over the moon with my new teeth. My family and friends have commented on how confident I am now when I smile.

I would like to thank Dr Zainab and her assistant for the excellent work. The result is just amazing.


Amazing experience!! Dr Zainab has been very professional and informative. All my questions were answered in full deatil. I felt I was in safe hands. My treatment was finished with a lot of patience. Very happy with the results. I can not thank Dr Zainab enough.

Thank you

Suheila Moleding

Dr Yusra is exceptionally good at what he does. She dealt with my case with great care and professinalism. I am very pleased with the result. Highly recommended.

Nartis B

Dr Yusra is absolutely amazing. She took out my bottom wisdom tooth quickly and painlessly and was completely reassuring. I would definitely recommend her to anyone. I could not believe it was over so quickly.

Dr Yusra you are my hero!!

Fatima Folami

I was feeling very unhappy and embarrased about my front tooth crown. It wasn`t done properly in the first instance fron another dentist. The colour, fit or feel wasn`t right. I approched Dr Yusra about my thoughts and feelings and wanted to get it changed especially with my wedding coming up. Dr Yusra talked me through all the available options, timings, costings and expectations. Very professionaland approachable. I decided to go ahead having with my crown changed. Wow! What amazing results. I am so happy and confident with my smile now. Looks and feels very natural. My treatment was exactly as she had described and I had expected.

I feel confident and really looking forward to my wedding pictures and every picture after. Very effortless, painless and magnificent treatment.

Thank you

Hava Celik

Since losing my tooth due to an absess about 12 years ago (which affected my smile and made me very self conscious about smiling and laughing) I had always wanted an implant but put it off due to financial reasons and scared about what was involved. I am so glad I had my implant done ,it has given me back the confidence to laugh and smile without covering my mouth and feeling conscious.

Dr Daar is very professional and a lovely person, as are all the staff.

Thank you!!

Amanda Kenyon

I required a dental implant as by the age of 24 I still had a baby tooth which was half the size of my other teeth. With this baby tooth being one of the front teeth it was very noticeable when I smiled and when I was speaking. Needless to say aesthetically speaking my teeth were not in the best shape.

I contacted the practice and had a consultation with Dr Daar. From thereon I underwent an extremely successful surgery which completely transformed the aesthetics of my teethmy teeth giving me a much better smile considering that mine was a rare case which made the process difficult than usual. I am sincerely satisfied and I would like to thank Dr Daar for her expert work.


Very pleased with my results extraction was painless and straight forward. Dr Daar was careful in judging when bone regeneration was adequate to allow implant to proceed.

On a couple of visits I was told “not quite ready yet but it will be”. No bone augmentation necessary just as she had predicted. Her judgement was right all along. Very good value too.

Glad I came here.


Simply put Dr Daar is amazing. The practice being close to where I live I popped in for a second opnion and have never looked back since. Whilst other dentists declined to tackle my case, Dr Daar made easy work of it giving me a perfect result and at a cost for less than Harley Street quote. I’m truly amazed at the good value for money.

Thank you Dr Daar!!

Dave Cook

I really felt like I had landed on my feet with Dr Daar. She is friendly, has great chairside manner and is very professional. She clearly talked me through each step of the procedure and was completely honest with me at all times. I always knew exactly what was going on. I came across Dr Daar for my implant but now know that I will stick with her for any other dental treatment I may need. I am very happy with the treatment received at Harrow On The Hill Dental.

James Wootton

I have found Dr Daar and Dr Zainab excellent and professional at all times. I have had fillings, cleaning and teeth whitening and only for Dr Zainab she has changed my life. I am getting married soon and now thanks to Dr Zainab I will have that perfect smile I always wanted. I have found everyone at this practice very friendly and extremely helpful. I would like to thank you all and highly recommend this dental practice to others.

Keep up the good work.

Michelle Walsh